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Internship Program

The State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOFAZ) attaches great importance to human capital development in its staffing policy, as it is of great significance for the organization. With more focus on capacity building SOFAZ creates new opportunities for talented young people.

SOFAZ organizes internship program among the last year bachelor and master students and university graduates. SOFAZ Internship Program will play a crucial role in the career development of last year bachelor and master students and university graduates. The purpose of the program is to assist local and foreign university graduates in gaining a preliminary work experience, contribute to the formation of specialized and professional young work force, as well as train and recruit promising young people for careers in investment management.

The internship program is organized in all departments of SOFAZ.

The duration and stages of the program:

The main duration of the program covers a period of 1-3 months. The program consists of 5 stages:

I stage - Orientation week/stage. This stage provides an intern with information about the Fund's structure, policies, achievements, plans, management, responsibilities and operations of various departments, as well as the detailed information about the department of internship and other related topics. One of the main goals of the stage I is to introduce the selected interns to the employees and heads of departments, as well as guide them on how to complete the program successfully.

II stage - Training/Education stage. This stage is characterized by on the job trainings and small workshops organized for interns in order for them to acquire general industry knowledge. Upon the completion of the general trainings, interns are provided with individual learning materials and are assigned to personal tasks and researches, which are designed to gather in-depth understanding of the topic. The individual learning materials are based on Fund's in-house training modules and provides intensive learning.

III stage – The stage of assigning Primary tasks. At this stage interns are assigned to the engaged (internship) department’s existing and relevant projects. While working on real tasks, interns conduct different analysis, assess activities within the department, and participate in the idea sharing through involvement into daily processes. Upon the completion, interns have to prepare the presentation about the project.

IV stage - Completion stage. At this stage, if found necessary and based solely on intern’s own wishes, the intern can have a short-term internship in other departments. During this time interns get familiar with inter-departmental working process.

V stage - The final stage of evaluation. During the last 1-2 days of internship interns are evaluated by the heads of assigned departments on the basis of various criteria. The intern also evaluates the internship program on the basis of various criteria. This stage determines the further employment of the intern within the Fund. All interns are awarded with certificates.

The internship is unpaid.

  • Being a university graduate or last year student in Economics, Business, Finance, Mathematics or the other related field;
  • Ability to smoothly read, write and speak in Azeri and English (knowledge of additional language would be considered as a plus);
  • Communication and organizational skills
  • Free user of MS Office software;.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Internship experience with one of the largest and world known sovereign wealth funds (SWF) in the world
  • Educational and training practice covering capital markets and investments management, development of field knowledge, analytical approach and fundamental analysis skills in solving advanced problems in asset management through SOFAZ online education academy
  • Practical knowledge gain in corporate governance principles by being a part of a larger management structure benefiting from the experience of well-known international financial and investment institutions and organized on the principles of team work approach, corporate culture and corporate governance standards.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate best talent and get pass to full time job position in SOFAZ

Applications are received on a rolling basis throughout a year. The admission process is comprised of 3 stages. At first stage applicants fill in the "online application form"on SOFAZ web page. Selected applicants are invited to take SOFAZ internship admission exam as a second stage. The admission exam covers questions in such topics as :

  • English
  • IQ
  • Math & Quantitative Methods
  • Economics
  • Principles of Corporate Finance
  • Principles of Financial Statement Analysis and Investments

Candidates who pass the exam with the required score are invited to 3 step Human Resources and Department Interviews in the third stage.


Human Resources Department, The State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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