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Tender Announcemen 28.07.2012

Tender Announcemen 28.07.2012

The State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan


for procurement of software licenses and hardware

The State Oil Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan (“SOFAZ”) a state owned legal entity has been established in accordance with the Decree No.240 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan in December 1999. For additional information about SOFAZ visit the web-address:http://www.oilfund.az.

SOFAZ in accordance with the Law of Azerbaijan Republic “On State Procurements” announces an open tender to procure a software licenses and hardware.

Opening of tender proposals will take place at 11:00 AM local Baku time on September 14, 2012 at SOFAZ, at the address: 24 Neftchilar Avenue, AZ1004, Baku, AZERBAIJAN.

The interested companies must submit the following documents to SOFAZ:

· A written request to participate at the tender;

· A tender proposal (together with tender proposal guarantee (bank guarantee) in amount of 3% of total cost of tender proposal);

· Full name, juridical status, charter, country of registration and requisites;

· Data on professional criteria of the contractor;

· Bank application on the financial state of the applicant for last one (1) year.

The required documents from bidders shall be submitted by fax, e-mail or mail no later than 18:00, September 5, 2012, tender proposal closed in double envelope and sealed till 18:00, September 13, 2012 to SOFAZ at the address: 24 Neftchilar Avenue, Baku AZ1004, AZERBAIJAN.

To determine and assess of bidders qualification preference will be given to the following criteria: existence of at least 5 years of experience in the IT, implemented 3-5 projects in the relevant field, technical and financial possibilities, and competency in management.

Request for Tender Proposals (the “RFP”) is compiled in Azerbaijani.

RFP and the complete list of procured goods will be presented to bidders participated in tender.

Authorized representatives of the bidders can take part in the opening of tender proposals.

Questions and inquiries regarding the RFP shall be e-mailed to RFP@oilfund.az or faxed to (+994 12) 498 17 60 to the attention of Ulvi Abdullayev, Elnur Sultanov, Coordinators of the tender.

Contact number: (+994 12) 498 77 53 (ext. 111, 177)

Tender Commission